How to use UV maps to place custom textures in Maya

This is a short tutorial that describes how to utilize UV maps with the UV Snapshot utility for creating custom textures.  This tutorial demonstrates how to bring UV Snapshots into Photoshop and through the placement of pictures, create a custom texture map.  The custom texture map is then brought back into Maya and placed on an object.

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UV Editing in Maya – Practical Examples Part 1

This will ultimately be a multi-part series where I demonstrate how to fix, repair and in general work with UV’s in Autodesk Maya.  I’m an instructor and these examples come from my students homework.  I wish to make tutorials for the most part to help those specific students with their work.  The examples I chose are selected because they show unique problems that I believe all editors working with Maya will run into from time to time and it is my hope that my demonstrations on how to fix these particular issues will be of assistance to others.

Part 1 includes – How to fix a hole in your UV’s from a missed face selection during your original projection.  How to move seams.  How to quickly recognize and fix distortion in symmetric hard models.

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Maya – Using the Layered Texture Node with alpha layers

This is a brief tutorial that discusses using the layered texture node within maya in conjunction with jpg and png files. The tutorial covers the subtle differences of using true alpha channel data vs derived alpha channels from luma data.

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