3D Printed bracket for the Snickerdoodle WiFi RF Connectors

I’ve started doing some work with the Snickerdoodle Development board that is being offered by Krtkl ( http://krtkl.com ) 

This is a pretty slick board but while it supports WiFi, the development kit does not have either the cables to connect WiFi antenna’s nor a bracket to hold the RF connectors.  I found some RF cables/connectors on Amazon easy enough ( https://goo.gl/EW8Buv )  but I still needed a connector bracket.  About an hour later using Maya I crafted one up and printed it on my Cel Robox.

Here are the finished brackets:

Here are a few shots of the bracket mounted:

Here is the finished bracket with a few spare WiFi antenna’s I had lying around.

As I said I created this using Maya.  I’ve made a zip file with the .stl file for printing, .ma file I used in Maya and a .obj file along with a quick README file on how to hook it up.  Works fine.  The zip file with the mentioned files can be downloaded below.  Enjoy!


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