OSX Yosemite, SSD’s and Trim

This is an interesting article. Obviously written to promote OWC drives but it brings out a point of the issues with non-Apple SSD’s in Mac products. I can speak specifically to a few of these. I upgraded my own MBP (circa Late 2011) to a Crucial M500 SSD drive about 6 months ago. Honestly, I never researched the TRIM issue however I did find enough on the web to lead me to get a Crucial over a Samsung. I’m thinking now the issues I saw posted about the Samsung SSD drives in Mac’s must have been related to this issue. I did upgrade my M500 Crucial/MBP system to Yosemite about 2 weeks after Yosemite was released. I also had a number of issues in getting my bootcamp Win7 installed. In the course of events of getting my Win7 bootcamp installed I did, in fact, reset my PRAM on one of the steps. In my case, this did not cause my system to be un-bootable as the article suggests. In doing a little more research on M500 drives on the Crucial website I found that these drives do their own garbage collection and thus disable the Appple TRIM. They bypass the hack described in the article completely and like OWC they don’t depend upon the OS for garbage collection.

One other note I might add in Crucial’s favor vs OWC. I upgraded both my son-in-laws MBP and my son’s MBP earlier using OWC 3G drives (these are the SATA II not the SATA III versions). On BOTH machines, in less than 1 year, the OWC drives failed. My son had some very critical data on his MBP and went as far as contacting a drive recovery company to see what it would cost to recover the drive. It was there that he found that this company has seen lots of the OWC drive my son has as they were subject to a lot of failures of the Intel drive controller that OWC used on this drive.

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