The Foundry is up for sale

I just saw that the Carlyle Group, which owns The Foundry, has put that company up for sale.  Not sure if this is good news or bad but my own personal experience in working for companies when we were bought never ended up positive.  Using both Modo and Nuke I can only hope that this won’t be the case.  Those are both two fantastic software products.  We can only wait and see.

According to the article they are looking to sell at £200M.  They purchased The Foundry in 2011 for around £75M,  One can only hope this is simply an investor cashing in and not indicative of some other issues.  I would hate to see Nuke go the way of Shake when Apple bought them.

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Modo 801 SP3 has been released.

The Foundry has just released SP3 for Modo 801.  There are over 100 bug fixes and some enhancements.  You can download from your My Products page.

Modo 801 SP3 Release Details

Modo 801 SP3 Known Issues

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