New Maya Tutorial – Cameras in Maya – Part 2 Camera Types

This is part 2 of a two part series on cameras in Autodesk Maya.  This tutorial demonstrates how you use the 3 basic types of Maya cameras: Camera, Camera & Aim and Camera Aim & Up.  It provides quick animations using all three types and in particular shows how you crate a basic camera rig using locators and animation along a motion path.

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New Maya Tutorial – Cameras in Maya – Part 1 Setup

This is the first of a two part tutorial on cameras in Maya.  Part 1 deals mainly with creating and setting up Maya cameras.  It covers the most commonly used attributes, what they do and how they should be set.

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Motion Tutorials

I use to have some tutorials on Apple’s Final Cut Pro Motion 4. With the advent of FCPX, I have since dropped using FCP. FCPX may be good for some pro-sumers out there but it does not work for me. If you are interested in my tutorials, they are still posted on my Vimeo account page. The following tutorials are still available:

Understanding Lighting in 3D using Motion 4

Understanding Layers in 3D using Motion 4

Understanding Cameras in Motion 4

Understanding 3D space in Motion 4

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