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Sep 24

UV Editing in Maya – Practical Examples Part 1

This will ultimately be a multi-part series where I demonstrate how to fix, repair and in general work with UV’s in Autodesk Maya.  I’m an instructor and these examples come from my students homework.  I wish to make tutorials for the most part to help those specific students with their work.  The examples I chose …

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Sep 22

Common Tools used in UV Mapping

This is a new tutorial that demonstrates most of the common tools utilized when performing UV mapping in Maya.  It shows some of the new tools found in Maya 2016 as well as some that have been around for some time.

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Sep 21

Advance UV Mapping in Maya 2016

  This is a tutorial that demonstrates some advance UV mapping techniques and tools found in the new Maya 2016.  This demonstrates how to cut, splice, unfold and map using many of the newer tools.

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Sep 03

Maya 2016 New Features

It’s that time of the year.  I’ve taken a short hiatus over the summer and it’s back to school time.  Starting off the school year with a short tutorial on the new features of Maya 2016.  This is quite a significant upgrade from the previous version.   I cover most of the new features but there …

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Apr 10

New Maya Tutorial – Cameras in Maya – Part 2 Camera Types

This is part 2 of a two part series on cameras in Autodesk Maya.  This tutorial demonstrates how you use the 3 basic types of Maya cameras: Camera, Camera & Aim and Camera Aim & Up.  It provides quick animations using all three types and in particular shows how you crate a basic camera rig …

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