Lights & Lighting in Maya – Part 1 Lights

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on lights and lighting in Autodesk Maya.  This tutorial, part 1, covers the basics of all 6 standard Maya lights.  Part 2 will cover topics on scene lighting in general and part 3 will cover linear workflows in Maya.  Maya comes with 6 basics lights, ambient, direct, point, spot, area and volume.  There are variants on how you use these lights to illuminate your scene, such as through Global Illumination (GI) or Image Based Lighting (IBL).  Those topics are left for a later tutorial.


The scene file and pdf handout used in this tutorial can be downloaded from the link below:


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2 thoughts on “Lights & Lighting in Maya – Part 1 Lights”

  1. Hi Phil I have just completed your introduction to UV Mapping and how to navigate the UV Texture Editor video tutorial. After trawling the internet and watching some truly awful videos on the subject, which quite frankly left me more confused than enlightened about how to actually use this editor, it was great to discover your video. You cover a difficult subject area in a clear and succinct manner, and it encourages those of us still coming to grips with Maya, like myself, to want to learn more. I shall certainly be checking out your other videos. Thank you. Regards Persephone.

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